A matter of good taste!

A matter of good taste!

This is our pride product: a typical, Koroneiki variety Cretan olive oil of great taste and superb quality characteristics... read more::

Choosing and Using Olive Oil

Choosing and Using Olive Oil

Most of the world’s olive oil is produced in the Mediterranean regions of Greece, Spain, France, and Italy. Many varieties of olive oil are available in grocery stores. The quality of olive oil is dependent on its... read more::

Quality in numbers

A simple process

All of our olives are handpicked and taken to an olive mill operated by JOHN DOE who has made it his "mission" to mill the best oils... read more::




The Cooperative

...Messara’s 17
And then, in 1994, some 17 inspired olive growers set about to make a difference: they teamed up, shared their experience and skills to produce precious extra virgin olive oil by organically grown olive fruit of the Koroneiki variety, probably the most significant olive variety there is. This is how the cooperative started, founded on principles of solidarity, respect to the natural surroundings and fair trade. Their goals are simple yet grand: to preserve the traditional farming methods of their forefathers, apply organic cultivation techniques. They choose to make their living by not leaving their homeland

The Un-Corporation

In an era where corporations dominate all facets of business including government, global energy, agriculture and global food supply, ASBM serves small farmers and rural community health by combining two alternative business models—the family farm and the cooperative. Our cooperative was founded to nurture local communities by keeping farmers on the land, farming. We understood from the beginning that we would need to pool our product in a cooperative fashion to accomplish that goal.

Farmers with a Mission

Just as we believe in the interdependency of all living things in nature, we believe that our cooperative structure delivers what's good for everyone, including the consumer-partners who buy our products. To those citizens, we promise the quality of food production and environmental stewardship that they demand.
The central mission of our cooperative is to support rural communities of Messara by protecting the health of the family farm—working toward both economic and environmental sustainability. Our stable, self-determined farmer pay prices and our love of the land are the best assurance that our co-op members will be able to continue the tradition of organic farming into the next generation.

How it Works

Farmer members establish equity when they join the cooperative. From the membership, a national Board of Directors is elected. Members' opinions are carried to the Board through regional executive committees. They also have the opportunity to serve on regional committees and participate in cooperative governance and marketing. Also, members receive numerous benefits including support in production, certification, farm planning, feed sourcing, veterinary consultation and more.

Democracy in Action

We credit our success to the partnership society we've created between farmers, employees and citizens. Each plays a vital role in the balance of our health and stability. As more farmers join our cooperative, we continually work to balance supply with consumer demand and the labor needed to support our marketing operations.
Building our base of loyal customers allows us to bring more farm families into the cooperative, along with the land, water, and animals that they protect.

Our History

We began in 1998 as a small, organic farming cooperative.
ASBM began with 44 farmers who shared a love of the land and a belief that a new, sustainable approach to agriculture was needed if family farms and rural communities were to survive. With more and more family farms threatened with extinction, these farmers set out to create a solution.

Our Goals

  • COOPERATIVELY market certified organic products produced by our members.
  • MARKET the best tasting, most nutritious and wholesome foods as possible.
  • ESTABLISH farmer determined food prices to reflect fair return and to use these prices to guide the cooperative marketing.
  • ENCOURAGE a farming future emphasizing ecological and economic sustainability.
  • ENABLE a healthy human livelihood by providing quality employment, cooperation, organic education and community growth.
  • PRACTICE environmental awareness and cooperative principles in all aspects of production, handling, marketing and operations.
  • PROMOTE a respect for the diversity, dignity, and interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil, and global life.